Chrome Hearts Shop

Chrome Hearts is an American company, founded by motorcycle enthusiast Richard Stark which specializes in high-end silver jewelry, leather clothing and furniture with gothic motifs.Taking a design cue from its beginings, the brand's vast line includes hand-made jewlery in sterling, silver, gold, platinum, and precious stones; clothing, eyewear, luggage, and accessories, in fine leathers and fabrics; and handcrafted furnishings and home items in exotic woods. Chrome Hearts Fashion is not for the weak of heart. It is geared toward those who recognize and appreciate the craftsmanship and quality put into each and every piece. Chrome Hearts belongs to a growing family of friend around the world and nothing is too good for family.

Chrome Hearts-Richard Stark's L.A.-based clothing and accessories label with a rocker-cum-skater sensibility-launched its second boutique in Seoul, South Korea, this past weekend. To celebrate the new space, which is nestled inside the city's massive Shinsegae Main Department Store, the brand collaborated with Korean pop musicians Big Bang & 2NE1 on a range of items (like chokers, sweatshirts, and fingerless gloves), which, along with a host of other exclusive wares created for the opening, will be available throughout the month. The big news, however, is Chrome's installation-a collection of signatures, like a heart-shaped locket, an oval belt, and the JJ Dean bag, which have been blown up to jumbo size and displayed in the store. (We should also mention that an assortment of giant CH crosses will remain on the store's roof-across from a Jeff Koons sculpture-for the next year.) Also on view is 28 Images, co-owner Laurie Lynn Stark's photography show, featuring the likes of Iggy Pop, Shepard Fairey, Brittany Murphy, and Karl Lagerfeld. As for what will garner the most attention, we'd think it's a toss-up between Karl and Chrome's thirteen-foot leather-and-metal dinosaur-stiff competition, indeed.

Chrome Hearts jewelry and designs are the brainchild of American designer Richard Stark. The Chrome Hearts brand was launched in 1988, and the first store